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  1. eye
    Always thinking of you.How are things going?
  2. eye
    You Okay.How is Hubbie doing.xo xo
  3. eye
    How are things going .I am so sorry.xo
  4. eye
    How are you doing with the Kalidescope.(not good at spelling)Ihave not heard from you.I seen a few things that you made .Are you having fun with it.
  5. eye
    I just know you will get hooked.I have made hundreds or thousands on this kalidoscope.
  6. eye
    If yah need help just shout xo
  7. Texaslady
    Thanks Eye heres hugs to ya!
  8. eye
    Now I want to see something you done.
  9. eye
    click new click transparent take just a few tubes goto Kalidescope and keep pressing.Sometimes the decorations will be easy some may not.Onceyou go aroungd them then yah have to zoomin for the fine particles and use wand to get ridof them.Once you are done save as png for invisible background.All paper you like they should be saved a sjpeg.Very easy to use.
  10. eye
    Do you have tubes in yours
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