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06-08-2006, 12:20 PM
Hi can someone help me out. I'm new at this and I have 2 Grands a boy
and girl graduating. Need templates and other things to put on them. Any
ideas would help. Please.;) There colors are orange and black.

06-08-2006, 01:20 PM
Try these... You could adjust the colors on the corners :)

06-08-2006, 07:59 PM
Try these... You could adjust the colors on the corners :)

How do I go about this????

06-08-2006, 08:05 PM
You could use the "effects" setting on the background image...

If you can send me a color sample, I can make you an image that you can :) use.


06-08-2006, 09:21 PM
I just need orange and black corners. Thank you.

06-08-2006, 09:52 PM

Here are two pages, one with orange corners , the other with black

Hope this helps... :D

Steve Russell

06-08-2006, 10:07 PM
Yep, that helps. Now tell me how to change the colors of the corners. I am
one of them kind of people that just has to know.

06-08-2006, 10:25 PM
Well, the colors are 4 separate images for each corner. I used Photoshop to shift the hue to create the orange. Then I desaturated the image and bought the brightness down by 50% to create the black.

Saved out a new set of PNG's for each color ,then replaced them in the template... Is that what you wanted to know?

IN SBM, you can right-click on an image, then select "Effects", then "Advanced"... There is an entire list of special effects you can apply to an image , including "Adjust Color" and "Brightness/Contrast"

06-08-2006, 10:58 PM
I tried it in SBM and I see what you mean. I just think it should be easier
to change what you want to another color. But I guess the program is not
designed that way.

06-08-2006, 11:04 PM
Hi Gloria. There are two types of basic computer graphics, vector and raster. As Scrapbook MAX! is design to work with your photos, it is a raster based program. (photos are raster based) With raster images changing color involves adjusting existing pixel data unlike vector graphics which can literally be "refilled" with new colors. Their are advantages and disadvantages to each, but in the case of Scrapbook MAX! we went with raster because it's much better suited to working with photos. Hope that shines some light on the issue. :)

06-08-2006, 11:17 PM
Yes it does. I also work with Paint Shop Pro.

06-08-2006, 11:35 PM
Oh well that's awesome then. PSP being a raster app, anything you create with it can easily be exported for use in MAX!. And it also gives you an easy way to apply more advanced adjustments to images than MAX! is capable of. :)

02-22-2009, 05:59 AM
Yay! I needed these.