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03-12-2011, 07:23 AM
I know that Scrapbook MAX! is a layout software... but it also offers advanced features such as the eraser...

A feature that could interest many persons (I do believe...) would be the ability to have a way to do easily an extraction on a photo... directly within Scrapbook MAX! even if I know that an extraction isn't an easy thing to do and a very good one needs to perform different steps such as to extract the desired part of the photo, then erase the pixels, and then to smooth the outline.

But if Scrapbook MAX! could offer the "extraction" feature that would be an additional key point.

03-18-2011, 02:21 PM
I use the erasor tool for that with no problem at all

03-18-2011, 02:34 PM
I mean a "magical extraction" with an automated selection of the outline :-)