View Full Version : FAO Smile (yes i know everyone else will look too lol)

02-07-2009, 09:51 AM
Lois thankyou so much for the wonderful parcel of goodies :D

strange as it may seem i have a great love of Canada and have lots of items with maple leafs on so all these goodies will be added to my collection - my 1st husband was in 661 squadron AAC who wear the maple leaf on their uniforms, The squadron role was to support the Canadian 1st Army and in August 1944 it moved to France. Fighting in the break-out from Normandy it followed the Canadians across the low countries and into Germany. It is one of the only UK army units allowed to wear another countries flag on their uniform and they have great pride in this fact ;)

I loved the letter and history you added, I collect fridge magnets so they have gone straight into my collection in the kitchen, you'll giggle at this...i was complaining that my daughter has stolen all my socks last night and i would have to go buy some more ....lol i have a pair now that is easily recognised and in no way can she claim as hers rofl

Hubby is eyeing the caramels and maple syrup candies up (will have to hide them so he doesn't scoff them all before i get to taste them lol)

they are prediciting more snow fall and below freezing weather....i say bring it on i got a lovely warm canadian fleece to hide in now lol

I'm feeling very spoilt with all the goodies...thankyou so very very much xxxxxxx

02-07-2009, 10:04 AM
oh I never seen what she got you.Only a couple of things that I had seen and these are very nice.

02-07-2009, 12:16 PM
Oh I am so glad that you received it. And it was alot faster getting there than I thought. I had just as hard a time keeping it a secret as trying to find out who had my name...lol...Glad you liked everything and hope I didn't bore you too much with a bit of our local history. Sure hope that I get over to England with Eye this fall so that we can all meet. As always....your friend Smile....xoxoxo