View Full Version : I to got my gift !!!

01-23-2009, 02:04 PM
oh my oh my last wednesday was the day!!
i got my gift.........totally hadnt expected it yet........wow
and it only took 6 days all the way from australia!!!

thanks Kazr
wonderfull wonderfull
love it all.......my daughter grabbed the pencil and ruller set :D and wanted one of the pens too!!!
love it all
the kangaroooos
the christmas ornament is lovely and although our tree is packed away for next year i have the little kangaroo sitting on a shelf now :p i thought it way to cute to be stuffed in a box!!!
thanks a whole bunch and a big big hug all the way from holland to you!!!

now gotta get moving
have a box ready and will be shopping coming monday
so box will go out next week somewhere
to some place in the world somewhere!!!

even though i am not much on the forum lately
i am so glad to be a part of this
its such a lovely thing, so ....
well no words for it but
makes the world seem smaller a little bit
and makes me feel special to get a gift
and best of all
to send one out!!!

happy waiting everyone
and thanks again Karyn!!
big hug

oh and have the picture and will have to get a LO done..
hopefully also next week
take care all

01-23-2009, 07:01 PM
Whow Lila that is wonderful.......and I agree this does make us seem a little closer and more connected. Well I guess I can knock Kazr of my list of who has my name...:eek:.....I sent mine out today but they say it will take almost a month or so to get there. I have the hardest time too keep a secret .....this is killing me.....:eek:...Can't wait to see your layout......xoxoxoxo

01-24-2009, 02:07 AM
Dear Imre,
I am so thrilled you received your gift safely & in one piece,my that was fast, gives me a little more faith in the postage system after all :)
I am pleased your daughter liked the ruler & pencil set & happy you liked my choices for you :)
I also am thrilled to be a part of this exchange, as you say, it brings us all a little closer together.
Look forward to seeing your layout when posted :D
hugs xxx

Smile, I wasn't given your name this year,but you never know,maybe next year :)