View Full Version : Kazr Ok

10-04-2008, 07:39 PM
Hey just letting everyone know that Kazr is okay. I spoke with her on the phone this morning. She is waiting on a new computer and has had a few minor personal probs all pop up at the same time (you know how it is)....but she is fine and hoping to be back online by the end of the month

10-04-2008, 08:49 PM
Yea! Thanks, Nanwu!

10-05-2008, 05:38 AM
Thanks Wendy for letting us know, glad she is ok.

10-05-2008, 06:41 AM
I am so glad she is okay and thanks for letting us know.

10-05-2008, 01:49 PM
Thank you Nanwu! I really miss Kazr, she is such a sweet, kind friend!


10-05-2008, 03:47 PM
That's good to hear, thanks Nanwu!

10-05-2008, 07:32 PM
Thanks for letting us know that she is ok and hope to see you Kazr back on here soon............Smile......xo

10-06-2008, 12:19 PM
Thank you for putting our minds at rest, give her our love :)