View Full Version : chaning non jpg files

08-12-2008, 10:44 PM
I am not sure how may of you use pspx2 but just figured out that I can take any file it recognizes and save it to a useable jpg file so it can be used in scrapbook max. First open your pspx2 program
then load the files you want to change you can load several at a time then mouse over the file and it will drop down from there chose the export
jpg optimizer then another window opens then I chose the compression value of 7, the chroma subsampling at none, format set at standard download should be automaticlly set then clik ok
then you'll need to have a folder set up to place you file in the name will be the same unless you change it click ok. you'll now beable to close your original file and go to the next one. all you have to do now is open scrapbook max now choose your paper and thencustom shape brouse and find you folder and pick your shape you need. I hope this helps someone as now I have over 100 shapes that I can now use in both programs.

08-12-2008, 11:10 PM
I forgot to mention I also do my pspx2 brush so I can use them also. just to let anybody who might need something to view abr file or jbr file ther is a free downlaodable viewer. abrViewer.net 2.0 it will give a visual of the files and then you can export them to a file of your choice. thses are saved as png so you can open themin pspx2 and convert them to jpg.