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07-25-2008, 04:05 PM
Hi can someone please tell me how to use paper scraps? If you can please send example..

Thanks so much:)

07-25-2008, 07:12 PM
you can use paper scraps for journaling for one and now my mind has gone blank .....
LOL ! dang it old age :)

07-25-2008, 07:16 PM
Here's a couple of examples in how I used some paper scraps.
Hope this helped you..

07-26-2008, 03:25 AM
If you bring a paper in as a paper scrap, you can double click on it and change it's shape. SBM has a ton of shapes already but you can find more in the embellishments section. Also, shapes are available in some of the challenges section. If you bring it in as embellishment, the paper is NOT changeable other than just to size it. IF you bring it in as a photo, and want to save it as a template later, the paper scrap disappears when the photos do. So, it's best to get used to bringing papers in as paper scraps.

07-26-2008, 07:29 AM
Paper scraps can be anything from 100 x100 to whatever size.. so that means you can use it when you bring it in as a paperscrap to make it anysize you want BECAUSE IT "TILES" seamlessly - it just repeats the pattern until it fills the size of the shape you have made
e.g if you used an original paperscrap say 200 x200 as an embellishment - once you dragged a square & made it bigger -say 800 x800 it would start to go blurry.. but by importing it as a paperscrap ... as soon as you make a square larger than 400 , it "tiles" or repeats itself seamlessly keeping clarity - sometime the pattern looks entirely different because the actuall pattern changes size - hope that helps

07-27-2008, 06:26 PM
Whenever I choose to use shapes for frames or decoration, I choose a paper scrap to do it. It can be a 30 pixel by 30 pixel image, but will repeat to fill the shape and size you make. If it is not a seamless pattern, you will see the repeats. If you have a seamless pattern like those Granny makes or like the ones I have posted, you will not see any repeats. You can also apply drop shadow.