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07-25-2008, 05:22 AM
OK, for some reason I really dont remember I stopped scrapping for over six months and are now coming back.

To my horror I noticed that I cant find several (actually most of them) of the templates that I bought from the Scrapbook Max shop several months ago. I think I have looked e erywhere but it could also be that I have a very bad memory. In this period of time I have upgraded my PC but to my knowledge the memory and harddrive should not have been changed. Although I had my email acount wiped once so all Scrappie mail was lost;-(

1. If it is just me that have a bad memory, when in the program, where on earth should I look for these bought templates?

2. If it is that the downloads are lost (Nooooo!) Is there any way of retrieving them? Not that they are very expensive, so I can always buy them again. But i fels very annoying to have to do that. Is Scrapbook Max saving my purchase somewhere maybe and can send me the links once more if I request it?

Hope someone can help me!

07-27-2008, 03:37 PM
Hi Anna,

When you import templates into Scrapbook MAX!, they will be located under My Documents > Scrapbook MAX! > Templates. Have you checked here?

As for the availability of your links, links for kits are available in your account for 30 days or 10 downloads after purchasing. Unfortunately, we are not able to regenerate links after this time period. What we recommend to our customers is that they save downloaded files to a place on their desktop, and make a back up copy (such as to a CD-R) in case they need to access the files after the 30 day time period has expired. You can read more about this on our store FAQ page at http://www.scrapbookmax.com/digital-scrapbooking-kits/pages/FAQ.html

Hope that helps to answer your questions,

Karin :)