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07-17-2008, 05:32 AM
Hi - I'm a 32 yr old Canadian mom of 5 kiddies - ages 11 down to 1. I've been into paper scrapbooking and thought I would check out digital. So I'm trying a couple smaller projects before I make a decision.

While I can figure out computer programs, my time is very limited right now (5 kids and a house addition on the go!). So I figured Scrapbook Max would help me get started without the major time commitment of learning it all from scratch.

After trying to learn for a few days, here are my questions/comments:

- Do you use the same theme throughout your albums? I see most theme pages have 4 or 5 pages ... do you use those pages and then go to a new set of theme pages (so that every 4 or 5 pages there is a new theme?) How do I take these themes and make a full album?

- Very frustrated that Scrapbook Max doesn't allow me to add a simple frame on the outside of a photo - that seems very basic and I would use that feature a lot if it was there. I tried to look online so I could import something like that, but it was sucking all my limited time away.

- Frustrated that there are not a nice variety of fonts on scrapbook max. As soon as I wanted to start doing some nice lettering ... it was back to the internet and more time wasted trying to find something nice and not really knowing how to use it even if I did find it. Any quick tips for me?

Those are my first thoughts/questions ... I'm sure I'll have more! Please ease my mind and tell me this is easier than it seems right now!

07-17-2008, 10:35 AM
Hi CM... Welcome to the forum.

First about Fonts. Fonts are copyrighted and cannot be distributed freely without the owner's permission. If you would like a quick collection of fonts, you could go to a store like Stapples, Office Depot or whatever is comparable in your area, and go to their clearance rack. They usually have clip art cds on special for under $10. Those clip art cds come with hundreds of fonts. You can install just the ones you need.

You can also do a search on the net for AMP Font Viewer. I believe is free. It allows you to preview installed and non installed fonts, install them permanently on your Windows Font folder, or to a temporary file for just your current project.

Now, about the layouts. Most of the designers in the Max store create both a 4 to 5 page template, and a kit. With the kit, you can arrange the page any way you want, or the template helps you put together somthing quick and easy. But you're not limited to the amount of pages. You simply can copy and paste from one page to another, rearrange the look, and even add more embies from other sources. The templates are simply that, templates to get you started. Some people like to keep a basic color scheme, but there are no restrictions. It's all up to your imagination and personal style.

About frames... Unless I misunderstand your question, you can add as many frames as you want. Maybe if you could be a little more specific. I'm kind of stupid, so you have to really spell things out for me.

Hope this helps. I know one of the gurus will be by soon to put in their two cents. :D

Again, welcome to the community and feel free to ask as many questions as you need.


07-17-2008, 10:59 AM
OH Granny! You are not stupid! We love you!

. . . . . Welcome to the forum Canadian Mom! When you get used to using SBM you will find it very easy. There are many tutorials available through this forum and we (or should I say they) are always willing to help out when and wherever we can! I think Granny has answered your questions just fine. I did want to suggest that you check out the embellishment section here on the forum. There are many freebies that you can download from there. :) Also, since you are a newbie I wanted to let you know that when you download anything you should make a specific folder stating the creators name so that when you use it you can give credit. I didn't do that when I was a newbie and it took me forever to finally organize my files! LOL
I now have folders for kits with each creator in subfolders and embellishments and papers in seperate folders as well. I hope I haven't been rambling on too much. I was really only trying to help. <help I've started talking and I can't shut up!> ;)