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05-24-2008, 04:55 AM
Scrapping was put on the backburner in this household for a while unfortunately (much to my disgust) simply as I have not had the time :(

BUT I am getting back into the swing of things and started some layouts for my 2007 photo album!

My question is whether once I have finished a layout for a page, I need to pin/fix/flatten the page to make it final or do I just go onto the next page in the album?

My second question is whether any one else has an issue with "embellishments" and stuff "hanging over" the sides of their pages on their screens and how you can get the programme to automatically chop off hte edges of embellishments and scraps and things as you place them on the page?

Or do I just have to get used to these things?

Thanks in advance :)

(scrapping in Melbourne, Australia).

05-24-2008, 05:01 AM
hi and welcome back :D

once you have finished a page just press save this will keep everything where it is and once the page is published it is automatically saved as a flattened jpeg

i often leave items hanging over the edges of pages, when you publish these pages all the overhangs are cut away leaving clean crisp edges


05-24-2008, 05:05 AM
Thanks for the quick response Fiona! Automatic flattening hey! Knew I liked this programme for something! Thanks for the help :D