Where I Live

  1. Sunrise Paika NSW 
Sunburnt Country Nutkin Tailz 
Lyrics from Sun Arise by Rolf Harris
  2. Aboriginal Cermonies 
Sunburnt Country Nutkin Tailz
  3. Aussie Pubs   
Sunburnt Country Nutkin Tailz 
Frames Lindsay Jane Design
  4. Horse Team  
Sunburnt Country Nutkin Tailz
  5. Wamba Wamba
  6. Melbourne Cup Day 4th Nov 2008 
The horse race that stops a nation!
  7. Aussie Flag 
Kit by Lindsay Jane Design
  8. Murray Region Cuisine 
I live in the Southern Mallee
  9. Aust Day 2008
  10. Big Cod  Swan Hill Vic
  11. Platypus
  12. Sunset at Rosenhoe  Station NSW
  13. Wakool River NSW
  14. Swan Hill 3
  15. Swan Hill 2
  16. Swan Hill 1
  17. Murray River 
Background by me, Frames from PSP, embellishments from Sunburnt Country by NutkinTailz Designs
  18. Regional Pubs  
created with ScrapbookMax with Sunburnt Country by NutkinTailz Designs
  19. Sydney Cove 
Kit by Lisadee
  20. Bushranger 
Background Antique Age by Raspberry Road
  21. First Fleet
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