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Release Date: May 31, 2011
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Getting Started
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Getting Started

Thank you for using Scrapbook MAX!.

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About Scrapbook MAX!

Treasure your everyday memories with the fastest, easiest, and most creative digital scrapbooking software available!

Life's moments are fleeting, and your "me" time is limited. With NEW! Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 software, you can find time to make beautiful scrapbooking pages and enjoy exploring your creative side.

Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbook software is the fun, fast and affordable way to scrapbook using your computer. With an easy-to-use design space and tools that give you complete creative control, you can make a gorgeous scrapbook in minutes, or spend a leisurely afternoon scrapbooking. Scrapbook MAX! is perfectly suited to the beginning and avid scrapbooker alike. It grows with you!

Sharing your scrapbooks with family and friends takes just a few mouse clicks. You'll love turning your pages into real photobooks and albums, posting layouts in your Scrapbook MAX! online web gallery, on your blog, your Facebook or MySpace pages, making slideshows and movies to commemorate special events, and much, much more.

Scrapbook MAX! comes with everything you need to make and share creative, personalized scrapbooks. Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is a complete digital scrapbooking system, and quite simply the best value in scrapbooking available.

Easy to Use
Point and click, drag and drop visual interface - works the way you do, like using paper and scissors!

Fully-Customizable Templates
Move, rotate and resize all the elements in the ready-to-use templates to exactly suit your needs!

Photo Editing
Add your digital photos to a page with a quick click. Edit, crop, color and more!

Stylish Kits
Create infinite designs with thousands of embellishments, scraps, shapes and more!

Fancy Text Effects
Curve, bend, and stretch your text into artistic patterns. Apply shadows, transparency, pattern fills and more!

Colorize, Tint and Shadow
Adjust the color of your embellishments and photos. Even apply shadows to your exact specifications!

Drag-and-Drop Simple
Easily drag and drop your favourite photos, embellishments, and more right onto your pages!

These are just some of the great features in Scrapbook MAX!

Release History - May 31, 2011

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