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Common Questions

The digital kits and templates sold in this online store are downloadable items designed to import seamlessly into Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software. Below are answers to some common questions about how to use our products and services.

Does your content work outside Scrapbook MAX!?
The digital kits and templates sold in our store are designed to import seamlessly into Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software.

However, you can still use the images contained in our kits and templates if you do not have Scrapbook MAX!. You will need to change (i.e., rename) the file extension of your downloaded file to .smb or .smt to .zip. You can then extract the image files as you would from any .zip file, and use the images in other programs.

Please note that products labeled as Templates are fully-editable templates that will only work in Scrapbook MAX!. By following the steps above, you can extract any images that may be included, but they will not function as fully-editable pages.

Don't yet have Scrapbook MAX!? A free 30-day trial is available here.

How do I download my purchases and get them into Scrapbook MAX!?
All of your completed and pending orders are listed in the 'My Account' section of this store. Once logged in, click 'Completed Orders' to view all of your completed orders.   From this page you can download your purchases.  Download links are valid for 30 days and up to 10 separate downloads.

Tip: When prompted, choose 'Save' instead of 'Open', and save your content packs to your desktop. Keep these files in a safe place (or burn them to CD!) in case you have to install the content again. Remember, download links are valid for 30 days and up to 10 separate downloads. You are responsible for backing up your purchased content.
Once you have downloaded all your purchased content to your desktop and burned a backup copy, double click on each file to import the content into Scrapbook MAX!. That's it, you now have brand new content available in Scrapbook MAX!.

I've imported my kits/templates into Scrapbook MAX!. Where do I find them in Scrapbook MAX!?
Most kits (.smb files) will be found under Object > Embellishment in the menu. (Note that some kits contain Paper Scraps, Shapes and Backgrounds. Look under these categories in Scrapbook MAX! if your kit lists these sorts of objects.)
Templates (.smt files) will be available to use when you open up Scrapbook MAX! and choose Create a New Scrapbook. You can also find template pages to add to your projects under Page > Add.

Do you offer extended download service?
No. At this time downloads extensions are not offered.

Can I back up my purchases?
Yes. Simply save the .smt and .smb files you download from this site to a CD, an external hard drive, or to any other backup medium.  In the event your computer crashes, you can re-install your purchased content from these backups.