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  • $3.95 Grungy Green Templates
    5 8x8 200dpi template pages in a Grungy Green & PLastic Theme with journalling areas on each page Filesize: 3.83 MB

  • $3.95 Gloriously Green
    I love items with texture and depth for my digital layouts and these wonderfully textured backgrounds, tags, ribbons, ricrac, metal and plastic elements are the perfect complement for your pages..... all in a color that I...

  • $5.00 Precious People Presentations SET 5
    To solve ALL my NEEDS I've created the Precious People Presentations masked templates. THIS IS SET NUMBER 5 of the lot. 8.5x11" letter size (10 templates). Masked because they are done with dominant use of SHAPES. So you can...

  • $5.99 Baby Dreams Booster Pack
    Create your own baby Dreams with this beautiful booster pack. 52 objects. In jpg and png, 200 dpi for printing. Contains: 3 Frames 3 Background Tile 1 Fine Arts Framed Image 1 Picture Tag 4 Matts 5 Texture...

  • $5.99 Baby Dreams
    A dream of a template. Can be used for boy or girl. Soft colors. Scrapbook MAX! template in 8" x 8" square format. Because the backgrounds are tiles you can adapt it to any size page easily. Contains over 50 objects,...

  • $3.95 Valentine's Booster Pack
    Valentines Booster Pack consists of 7 papers, 6 frames, 3 wavy paper scraps, 3 heart embellishments,3 chunky photo corners and a sponge painted overlay! All for your mix and match pleasure! Filesize: 15.5 MB

  • $2.99 Holiday Penguins Gift Tags
    8 personalized gift tags! Print a full 8.5" x 11" page of these Holiday Penguins gift tags that you can personalize with your photo, name and receiptant name. 300 DPI for high-resolution printing. Filesize: 1.2 MB

  • $3.99 School Bus (Square)
    Busdriver...Move that bus! Scrapbook MAX! template in 8" x 8" square format. Contains one (1) page with additional word art. High resolution (200 DPI) made for print. Filesize: 1.7 MB

  • $4.99 Lesson Plan (Square)
    Class..Today's lesson plan is... Scrapbook MAX! template in 8" x 8" square format. Contains five (5) pages with various embellishments. High resolution (200 DPI) made for print. Also available in 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 8.5"...

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