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  • $6.50 Ice Blossom Kit
    Shade of pale,icy and silvery blues & greens, deep chocolate and turquoise are the colours for this kit. The initial kit is based around the cherry blossom print and everything else included just grew from there. This kit...

  • $3.95 True Blue Booster Kit
    5 x Paper Scraps 3 x Frames 1 x Blue gemstone corner 1 x Blue gemstone bar 1 x Blue gemstone wavey bar 1 x Blue Ribbon 1 x Blue threaded buckle ribbon 3 x fixers 1 x Charm 1 x Keyring 1 x swirly embellishment 2 x...

  • $2.95 Rainbow Tags
    a bakers dozen (13) Rainbow Tag Fixers Filesize: 5.83 MB

  • $2.95 Flat Ribbons
    9 Flat Ribbons in Various Colours & Patterns Filesize: 1.80 MB

  • $2.95 Buckled Up
    6 Buckles with threaded ribbons Filesize: 2.19 MB

  • $2.95 Frilly Frames
    Needed some fancy, frilly, fun shape frames to go with my templates. Here's 17 lace, swirlie, regal, stout, FUN frames. See pictures below. ALL done at 300 dpi png format. Enjoy the skewability of SHAPES. You can use any...

  • $2.95 Appeal to Elegance Colors Pak
    Nuetral colors go with just about ANYTHING. Here you have 24 tiles of papers at 300 dpi in png format. 5 Solid colors with NO TEXTURE added of white, cream, gray, brown and black. 19 patterned tiles with texture added in...

  • $2.95 Lists Set 1
    10 List SHAPES with 6 additional outlines of the 6 of the 10. ALL done in png format and at 300 dpi. Lists include : TO DO, TOP TEN things to do, REMEMBER/REMINDER, CHECK all that APPLY, Special Note, Notes, plain lined...

  • $2.95 Photo Cuts 2
    12 Photo Cut SHAPES set number TWO. All items 300 dpi. Fun, frilly and simply classic styles here. Use on Photos, as backgrounds to photos or journaling or whatever your imagination delights in!! Accessible through your...

  • $2.95 Slatted Cutouts
    17 Slatted Shape cutouts to give your photos & pages great effects Filesize: 14.4 KB

  • $3.95 Times to Cherish
    4 x Paper Scraps 3 x Frames 3 x Fixers 3 x Tags 3 x Bows 3 x Flowers embellishments 3 x butterfly embellishments 1 x gem stone edge 1 x gem stone cluster 1 x gem stone corner 1 x weaved buckle Filesize: 5.97 MB

  • $3.95 Hooked on HINGES
    TOO FUN!!Worked hard to make this Set of 7 different hinges with variety of gold and silver full and HALF hinge selections. Sometimes an additional copper or black color added as well. Set of 6 different colored screws to...

  • $4.50 Bicycles
    Bicycles. Scrapbook MAX! template in 8" x 8" square format. Contains seven (7) pages with various embellishments. High resolution (200 DPI) made for print. Also available as a Scrapbook MAX! booster pack. * Not all...

  • $2.95 Stapled Photo Frames
    7 x photo frames with staples, slightly misshapen for that authentic look 1 x spare matching staple Filesize: 5.50 MB

  • $3.95 Just Peachy
    12 x background scraps 2 x bows 2 x threaded ribbons 1 x weaving ribbon 2 x rows of stitches 1 x needle pulling thread 1 x brad 1 x rivet 3 x buttons 1 x tag 4 x zigzag stitched frames Filesize: 2.81 MB