A Challenge, A Freebie and a Great Sale!

Kit by KapiScrap

Presenting a Special Edition of The Groove with lots of treats and fun in store for you! This issue is hosted by Scrapbook MAX! kit designer Sandrine Boarqueiro-Verdun (a.k.a. KapiScrap). A big thanks to Sandrine for sharing her creativity – and a FABULOUS freebie!


Join in on Sandrine’s super scrapbooking challenge bursting with originality! The reason it’s so original? It’s all about YOU! (And if that wasn’t reason enough to join, Sandrine is giving away a gorgeous summer-themed freebie to everyone who participates. Full details below.)

Here are the challenge instructions from Sandrine:

Make a layout page (square size) to introduce yourself. You should add at least one picture of yourself.

As you design your page, please use ALL of the following items:

1) some of your favorite things
2) quirky stuff you like or do
3)your favorite movies/TV shows/food/snack/music
4)what is most important to you
5) your hobbies
6) your favorite season…

Once you’ve made your page, please post it in this Challenge Thread.

Here is a sample page which introduces me. I have used It’s a Scrapping Thing, which is one of my latest kits:

Introduce Yourself Challenge


Everyone who participates in Sandrine’s challenge will receive a link to download this freebie add-on to Sandrine’s “Summer in the City” Kit series – great for all those summer pics you’ve been snapping! (Thanks Sandrine :) )

A Freebie from KapiScrap

In order to be eligible for this freebie, you need to participate in the above challenge, posting your page here by August 31, 2014 . At the end of the challenge, Sandrine will send a private message to all participants with a link for you from which you can download your prize.


ONE WEEK ONLY! Save 20% Off on Digital Kits by KapiScrap (Sandrine Boarqueiro-Verdun)

For one week only, you can get 20% off on Sandrine’s kits! To get the discount, please visit Sandrine’s category in the Scrapbook MAX! Digital Kits and Templates Store. Add a minimum of $5 worth of Sandrine’s kits to your cart, then type in the code SUMMERTREAT exactly as shown into the ‘Coupon Code’ field before checkout. You must type in the code at the time of purchase to get the discount. Hurry – offer is one week only and ends on August 20, 2014! Valid on new orders only.

Here are some of Sandrine’s favourite kits (a great time to scoop them up with your 20% off coupon code!):

Travel Memories

Get Your Kicks

Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores

Fun at the Beach

Beach Paradise

Baking Memories

Spooky Hallow

A ‘Designer Story’ and Scrapbooking Challenge

Page by Lindaathome

Welcome to another Special Edition of The Groove, hosted by Scrapbook MAX! digital kit designers Kaye Savic and Deanne Gow-Smith. Kaye tells us the story of how this dynamic duo has come together to make creative new kits that are sure to dress up your pages. Then, join the fun of a new scrapbook challenge – not only may you learn a new Scrapbook MAX! technique or two, just for participating, you’ll get a special 20% coupon to use in the store (details below)!

Enjoy this issue, and be inspired not only by Deanne and Kaye’s beautiful kits, but the scrappers who use them (see their layouts featured throughout).

– The Groove Editors

A Creative Friendship by Kaye Savic

Deanne and I have known each other for about 20 years. We even worked together in the same store for a while. About 15 years later we came into contact again. Deanne was working as a designer with Scrapbook MAX!, I had no idea that digital scrapbooking existed. Deanne showed me photo books that she had made with Scrapbook MAX! software and told me about how she had a section in a store called Scrapbook MAX! where she sold digital kits.

Page by Kimmyann

This was a whole new world to me, a new and exciting and artistic outlet. She gave me lots of her kits and suggested I download Scrapbook MAX! and said: play and see how you go! She had shown me something that allowed me to express an avenue of art that was hidden inside of me.I came to the website and was into it all! I loved the challenges and learned so much.

Page by Letha

Deanne kept encouraging me to think about becoming a designer, but I didn’t have the confidence. So I became part of her Creative Team. After a few years, Deanne suggested we collaborate together and create kits. This way we could pool our strengths and together create collections that could be quite large – large enough to create a whole photo book with a coordinating theme.

So we brainstormed, and while she puts together the main kits, we both produce everything with the same elements as coordinated add ons – anything we could think of that would be needed to make an entire printable book of the same theme. The collection ends up being quite large and people can have a wide variety of products from us.

Page by SBM Diane

We are both enjoying working together again and being in touch all the time because you see we now live thousands of miles apart. This is kind of special for us to do collaboration work and be in contact almost daily. We have a wonderful CT group that is whipping up some awesome page layouts too. Hopefully Deanne and I will keep on doing Collaboration Collections for a long time to come.

- Kaye Savic (Saviscrap)

Thanks, Kaye! Here is a sample of the beautiful items you will find in Deanne and Kaye’s collections:

Grunge DK Frames

Grunge DK Stamp Clusters

Wispy Clusters

Challenge by Moonbeam (Deanne) and Saviscrap (Kaye)

This month we have a special challenge for you! To participate, visit our challenge thread here.

This challenge was inspired by one of our community challenge participants, Fonzzy! She created a challenge that required people to make their own embellishments from items in their home. Someone asked how to save them as PNG files.

So for this challenge what we want you to do is to grab from 3 separate kits in your own collection:

2 flowers
1 heart
1 star

…Then to recolour them to match another kit you use for your LO. You can save them as PNG files and add them to your kit.

So to save as a PNG file you recolour the way you like it, make sure the image is clicked onto and right click and then save as PNG. Save it into the kit you used, but rename it something like Kaye’s recoloured flower, just so you know it is something you have added in and not part of the original kit.

Feel free to use any other elements you like with the main kit that you use, but you must use the 3 items I mentioned at least twice each. You can also recolour them as many times as you want.

If you take part in the challenge described above, Deanne and Kaye will send you a special coupon code at the end of the challenge valid for one week allowing you to save 20% off on purchases of $10 or more in the Scrapbook MAX! Digital Scrapbooking Store. Please note that in order to receive this coupon you must participate in this challenge – that is, you must post a layout that follows the above instructions in this challenge thread by the contest’s end on July 5, 2014. (Participants may submit multiple layouts to the challenge thread; however, only one coupon code per participant will be sent.) The challenge closes on July 5, 2014.

Digital Scrapbooking Challenge and Freebie by Carena

Hi everyone. Wow it’s been sometime since we have had a Special Edition of the Groove Newsletter. It is my pleasure to be able to provide this issue for you all. I have a great new challenge for you all! You’ll also find a coupon code below that you can use to save 20% on Carena’s designs – one week only (ends April 16, 2014!).

I have a MINI Challenge Kit Delight Bonus for you to DOWNLOAD HERE and to work with. Please check out the PDF included which might help you and inspire your creations. Below are the rules of the challenge.


1. Use only parts provided in the Delight Bonus or from the Kit: Delight along with your own photo/s and Title Text.

2. Use the paper 2 times on your layout – whether you use a shape or like I have a simple twist and darkening or lightening of 1 of them.

3. Use the frame provided in another area of your layout not as a frame but decorative.

4. Try using some part of the bonus whether the leaves like I have or another element with a lowered opacity. This is a favorite technique I love to use to make the papers look different. It can really add so much to your layouts.

5. Mostly the challenge is to have fun.

Please post your layouts in the Scrapbook Max Gallery Groove Challenge Gallery and join us by sharing your link and layout in the forum where I will host the challenge – SEE HERE. We all love to encourage and support our members. It’s a great community and family atmosphere.

Here is my layout I’ve done. I hope you love working with this mini.

For those who purchase the Kit: Delight or BUNDLE (bundle offers great bonus savings for you to enjoy) from store and use it in your challenge layout I have a SURPRISE BONUS GIFT FOR YOU.

How Cool is that? Remember you must add your layout to the gallery and forum. Be sure to have your messages enabled or I won’t be able to contact you with the Surprise Bonus Gift should you purchase and use parts from the kit.

Here is a quick look at the FULL BUNDLE

and now I would like to share with you some of my latest kits in store - see HERE for my latests products in store.

HOW TO SAVE 20% Off on Carena Scott’s Kits Until April 16, 2014

**To get 20% off on Carena’s kits, please visit Carena’s category in the Scrapbook MAX! Digital Kits and Templates Store. Add a minimum of $5 worth of Carena’s kits to your cart, then type in the code DELIGHT exactly as shown into the ‘Coupon Code’ field before checkout. You must type in the code at the time of purchase to get the discount. Hurry – offer is one week only and ends on April 16, 2014!

Note: Offer applies only to digital kits and templates sold in the Scrapbook MAX! Digital Scrapbooking Kits and Templates Store, on orders of $5 or more. Coupon code DELIGHT must be typed in the coupon code field before checking out. Valid on new orders only, expires April 16, 2014. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.**


Featured Products HERE

Vintage Baby Boy by Carena’s Designs

Vintage Baby Girl by Carena’s Designs

In the Meadow by Carena’s Designs

and here is a layout I did with this kit. It’such a fun kit to work with.

The kids will love the pages you make with it.

I would like to also invite you to participate in the other challenges at Scrapbook Max found HERE. So much fun to be had and it’s also a great way to learn new techniques. See you in the forum.

Many thanks from Carena’s Designs.

Sandrine’s Scrap Challenge and Sale

Welcome to a “Special Edition of The Groove” with Guest Author and Scrapbook MAX! Kit Designer Sandrine Boarqueiro-Verdun! Thank you Sandrine for offering your creativity and your insights into using Scrapbook MAX! software.

Below you’ll learn a bit more about Sandrine, see some of her gorgeous designs, pick up some handy Scrapbook MAX! shortcuts, and get invited to a very intriguing “blind” challenge. Plus, there is a one-week, 20% off sale going on in Sandrine’s category in the Scrapbook MAX! kit store – the coupon code and all the details you need to get your discount are found at the bottom of this post.

Thanks Sandrine -and enjoy, all!

KapiScrap & Art Bio

Let me introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me yet. My name is Sandrine aka KapiScrap. I am French and I am living in the South West of France. I am the mum of two adorable boys, who are a great source of inspiration.

I created my own company in 2000. I work in the development and testing (quality) software area. Three years ago I created KapiScrap & Art, which focuses on the digital scrapbooking industry. I discovered digital scrapbooking at the end of 2009.

KapiScrap & Art has designed a great collection of kits based on various themes (baking, vacation, kids, holidays…) and with different styles, ranging from vintage style kits like Baking Memories and Once Upon a Christmas to whimsical and more colorful kits like Winter Fun Penguin Style, Tropical Holidays and Monsters on the Loose.

Before starting to draw the items of a kit or to create the papers, I think of a kit as a *whole*: the style, the palette, and I list all the items. We are two people designing at KapiScrap, so we often share the tasks as we draw everything from scratch and some items require several hours to be designed. We have developed Best Practices to ensure high quality products.

I am an active member of the Scrapbook MAX community. I share as I can my knowledge of Scrapbook MAX! 2 on the forum and I offer challenges on a regular basis. Take a look at the 52 Project Life challenge. Even if you have not joined it from the first week of the year, you can always join it from now.

Challenge: Blind Scrap

For this special edition of The Groove I offer you a new challenge, which is a “blind scrap”. It means that you are going to discover the final rendering of your page layout once your page is completed. I hope that you will have fun in making your page layout.

What you must know before starting…

Before giving you the instructions for the challenge, I would like to share some Scrapbook MAX tips with you.


Scrapbook MAX! 2 provides different keyboard shortcuts. It’s a great way to perform quickly actions. You can see the shortcuts when you click on a command (File, Edit, Align, Page…) in the menu bar (menu commands). When you click on a command, a dropdown list of options appears. Click on Align… You see the different options and the associated shortcuts.

Scrapbook MAX shortcuts

For the command Align to Left the shortcut is: Ctrl+Alt+1. That means that if you press simultaneously the keys: Ctrl and Alt and 1 on your keyboard you align the selected objects to the left.

Of course, Scrapbook MAX! supports the most common standard shortcuts like Copy-Paste (Ctrl+CCtrl+V). When you copy paste an object, the object is copied with its settings. For instance if you set the shadow for the object, the object will be copied with its shadow.

But Scrapbook MAX! also offers additional shortcuts and here are the three ones that I use all the time!

If you type the key S on your keyboard, you can set the size of the selected object. You only have to enter the values in the box which brings up and to press the button OK to validate.

If you type the key A on your keyboard, you can set the value for the angle of the selected object.

If you type the key P on your keyboard, you can set the value for the position (x – y) of the selected object.

Set Position with Scrapbook MAX!Example – If you set the position to 0 for x and 0 for y the selected object will be placed in the left top corner of the page.

So keep in mind: A for Angle – P for Position – S for Size

These shortcuts are very useful for getting accurate page layouts.

How to add a photo in a custom shape

When you apply a custom shape to a selected photo or paper scrap, this allows you to achieve effects.

To apply a shape to a photo, add your photo on your page. Then double-click on the Photo. It brings up the Photo Properties dialog. In the Settings tab check the Custom Shape box and then click on the Select… button.

To apply a shape with Scrapbook MAX

You can select a shape in the Select Shape dialog; they are classified by Category.

To apply a shape with Scrapbook MAX

Once you have selected the desired shape click on OK to close Select Shape dialog, and on OK to close the Photo Properties dialog.

Please note that you apply a shape to a paper scrap in the same way. You can also add your own shapes (a shape is a .png file).

About the Shadows

Keep in mind that the Shadow settings will not result in the same rendering according to your page size.

Take a look at this post for further details about the shadows…

What You Need For The Challenge

Before starting select a photo and a kit.

Step By Step Challenge Instructions

1. Launch Scrapbook MAX! and open a new project.

Select the menu Page > Settings and then click on the Size tab of the Page Settings dialog box to set the page size:

Size: 3600 x 3600 pixels

Resolution: 300 pixels/inch

2. Add a Background paper with no pattern.

3. Add an Embellishment that you will use to decorate your background paper. Place the embellishment (Embellishment A) on the left top side of your page and set a transparency between 50 and 75.

4. Copy-paste (Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V) this embellishment and place it on the right middle side of your page.

5. Add a patterned Paper Scrap (Paper A) and use the shortcuts S (for size), P (for Position), A (for Angle) to set these values:

Size: 3100 x 3100

Position x: -265

Position y: 600

Angle: 356

Enable the Shadow (Check the Shadow box).

Important: Set your Position, and THEN the Angle.

To set the shadow with Scrapbook MAX

6. Add a second Paper Scrap (Paper B) and set these values:

Size: 3100 x 3100

Position x: -530

Position y: 744

Angle : 354

Enable the Shadow.

7. Add a Photo in a custom shape on your Paper Scrap B and set the Angle: 354

You can set a transparency for your Photo… so it looks like it is merged with the paperscrap.

8. Add a Caption text under your photo.

You could add two Caption texts with a different font. Use the picker to set the same color than your Paperscrap A on your texts.

9. Add an Embellishment on the Paper Scrap A on the right side, and enable the Shadow.Challenge preview

TIP: Select both the Embellishment and the Paper Scrap A and right click. In the popup menu select the item menu: Group. Now the Embellishment is on the layer between the Paper Scrap A and the Paper Scrap B. You can ungroup.

10. Add some additional Embellishments on the Paper Scrap A on the right side, and enable the Shadow.

They should be between the Paper Scrap A and the Paper Scrap B, but you should see them (see the screenshot).

11. Add some Embellishments on the Paper Scrap B below the Photo and at the right side of the Photo.

12. Set your default Shadow settings with the following values. What I call Default Shadow is the Global Shadow. Be sure to check the Global box.

To set the shadow with Scrapbook MAXGlobal Shadow:

Angle: 315

Distance: 35

Transparency: 40

Blur: 40

The new Global Shadow settings will be automatically applied to all the objects for which the GLOBAL Shadow option has been enabled.

13. And now make the page yours!

Once your page layouts is completed, please post it in the Scrapbook MAX! gallery and in the Challenges and Contests section.

Latest Kits

And now let me introduce my latest kits and some page layouts made with them.

Hello February

What happens in February? There’s Valentine’s Day and Carnivals galore! Hello February is a kit based on love and fun while celebrating the month of February. You will love this colorful and versatile kit, just another opportunity to make awesome layouts of the ones you love having fun.

Here are two page layouts made with Hello February that I definitively love… I made this first page layout, and the second one has been made by Wench (Kaye), CT member.

Hello February

Hello February

Cocoa and Coffee

What is better than hot cocoa or coffee after a long day skating and playing outside? Take pleasure in the little delights of winter warming up. Cocoa and Coffee colors are highlighted by the blue tones.

Here are two page layouts made Cocoa and Coffee. I made the first one, and the second one has been made by Kim, my oldest CT member.

Cocoa and Coffee

Cocoa and Coffee


Mummy, Mom, Mother, Maman, Mum… any way you say it, they are super and they are ours! Shower your super mom with love on her special day. Hearts and flowers bloomed in the perfect spring tones to pay tribute to your woman of the year.

Here is a page layout made by Wench.


Monsters on the Loose Album 1

And in another style I just released Monsters on the Loose Album 1.


Enjoy these creative templates made with Monsters on the Loose, these are perfect for capturing the memories of your children into a professional photobook that can be preserved for generations. You will enjoy both the quality and the accuracy of each template as all items and shadows have been placed with precision. Simply place those “must scrap” photos and edit text to get beautiful and high quality layouts in just a few mouse clicks; perfect for those who want to scrap, but have too little time! The album is composed of 10 page layouts with the front and back covers. Size page: 12 x 12.

Visit my store to discover a great variety of kits!

How to save 20% Off on Sandrine Boarqueiro’s Kits until June 3, 2013

To get 20% off on Sandrine’s kits, please visit Sandrine’s category in the Scrapbook MAX! Digital Kits and Templates Store. Add a minimum of $5 worth of Sandrine’s kits to your cart, then type in the code CHALLENGE exactly as shown into the ‘Coupon Code’ field before checkout. You must type in the code at the time of purchase to get the discount. Hurry – offer is one week only and ends on June 3, 2013!

**Note: Offer applies only to digital kits and templates sold in the Scrapbook MAX! Digital Scrapbooking Kits and Templates Store, on orders of $5 or more. Coupon code CHALLENGE must be typed in the coupon code field before checking out. Valid on new orders only, expires June 3, 2013. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.**