Weekly Scrapbooking Challenge (June 21-28)

Michelle McCoy

Michelle McCoy

Michelle McCoy’s “Scrappin’ Challenge 23″
This week, “anything goes” – or, almost anything! From Michelle: “There are no rules with this one Except ONE – I want to see a frame in your layout. You could use it as a border around your page, around a photo…”. There are a couple of other teeny-tiny rules to make the challenge more fun…Prizes will be awarded to the two layouts that Michelle picks as most creative, and everyone gets a new Flair Button just for taking part.Get all the details about this week’s challenge here

Weekly Scrapbooking Challenge (June 14-21)

Michelle McCoy

Michelle McCoy

Michelle McCoy’s “Scrappin’ Challenge 22″
Designer Michelle McCoy challenges you to explore your artistic side this week by making an art-themed layout using 5 different kits. Michelle says, “Remember, the theme is ART….Doesn’t have to be painting….Could be photography, a sunset…Whatever you consider a special art in your life…“. Participants get a special surprise from Michelle for taking part. Get all the details about this week’s challenge here

The Groove June 2010


makeyesup – “Olde Tyme Texas Ranch” Layout

In the Groove

Vacation is upon us (at least in our dreams!). This month, we’re featuring layouts from Scrapbook MAX! Community Members who have shared their travel destinations with us – in lovely layouts!

A travel album is one of the classic photo albums, isn’t it? Digital scrapbooks with Scrapbook MAX! give you even more possibilities for your travel pics – slideshows, movies, screensavers, email travelogues, and more! Let your imagination go wild as you capture the spirit of your travels!

This month, we’ve got your favorites covered, too: great layouts to inspire, a freebie challenge by designer Monja Wessel, discounts on featured kits, and an extended sale in our Last Chance category in the store (read below for the full scoop!)

Relax and “Layout” on the Beach!

The soft sand, the shining sun, the waves lapping against the shore…these layouts capture them all! Artfully using “sandy” tans, beiges and neutrals to contrast with sky and ocean blues, these layouts bring a little bit of the beach home with you!


charliesnana- Beach Layout


Siobhan Kite – Beside the Seaside Layout

On the European Scene…

These dazzling layouts come to us from two European vacations. The splendour of a Greek vista is framed by classic embellishments in muted tones. By contrast, the bright, vivid colors of a Venetian carnivale adorn a stunning photo. Absolutely lovely!


Marion- Greece Layout


syliva esther – Carinvale Venice Layout

The Groove Monthly Freebie Challenge


June 2010 Freebie by Monja Wessel

Each month, a featured designer offers a great freebie mini-kit and issues a challenge based on that kit.

All you need to do is download the freebie, create a layout that steps up to the challenge, upload it to the Groove challenge and post a link to your layout in a reply to the challenge thread!

This month, designer Monja Wessel has shared a sweet, elegant freebie that you’ll love!

Here’s the Challenge:

This month’s freebie includes a stunning background paper and a lovely wreath frame embellishment. Using both of these items, frame something special to you: it can be a person, a place, even a recipe, that part’s up to you!.

Be sure to include journal text explaining why the person, place or thing has a special place in your heart. Go ahead and add other embellishments and papers, and re-color if you wish!

Find the freebie challenge thread here!

June 2010 Featured Kits

Looking for kits similar to this month’s awesome freebie? Here’s a few for your list, and a coupon to use, too! Below are June’s four featured kits, all by Monja Wessel

Be sure to use the coupon code MWE-JUN to get 10% off your purchase. Simply add any of the four Featured Kits below to your cart in the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store until June 30, 2010, and type in the coupon code MWE-JUN, to receive your 10% off discount (be sure to type in the code MWE-JUN exactly as shown. Applies to new orders only).


Monja Wessel- Magical Sunset Kit


Monja Wessel- My Secret Garden Kit


Monja Wessel- Summer Dreaming Kit


Monja Wessel- I.Love.You Kit

**Last Chance Sale Extended Until June 6 , 2010**

By popular demand, the spring clearance sale in the Scrapbook MAX! Store has been extended until Sunday, June 6, 2010. We’re clearing out some of our classic items to make room for beautiful new inventory. This is your chance to save big time on kits and templates that are about to be retired!

To get 40% off your order, select at least $10 worth of kits and templates from the Last Chance category (over 500 items to choose from!), and use the special coupon code LASTCHANCE at checkout (type in exactly as shown). You’ll get 40% off of your order! This offer is valid through June 6, 2010 – it’s a great opportunity to stock up on kits, and your last shot at these kits before they are retired!

Note: Applies only to kits and templates sold in the Last Chance category of the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store (new orders only). Order must have a minimum total of $10. Coupon code LASTCHANCE must be entered at time of purchase exactly as shown. Offer expires June 6, 2010. The kits and templates sold in the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store are designed to work with Scrapbook MAX! software.

Booster Pack Store: New Releases

Great new kits are added to the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store each month. Be sure to stop by and check out our awesome selection of embellishment kits and template sets, professionally-designed to work with Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software.

Below is a small sample of some of new kits recently added to the store by various designers


Siobhan Kite – Soft Whispers Template


Fiona Storey – Peaceful Spirit Kit


Deanne Gow-Smith – Simply Elegant Kit

No Place Like Home

At the end of vacation, there is no place like home! We love the sleepy look on puppy’s face captured in a series of photos – sleepy, sleepier, sleepiest…shhh, she’s asleep! So sweet – and does it ever capture the pleasant feeling of “headin’ home”!


MaggieMae – Driving Home Layout

Watch for the next issue of The Groove, coming July 1, 2010!

June Freebies and Contests

Here’s what’s happening in June in the Scrapbook MAX! community – it’s hopping, as usual!

Fiona Storey

Fiona Storey

June 2010 Monthly Challenge
Designer Fiona Storey hosts this month’s designer challenge, and helps you “get your curve on”. Using photos you wouldn’t normally scrap, and trading in straight lines for curves only, this challenge promises to be fun! Here’s a twist – the photo you start with does not end up in the layout – use it for color inspiration only! Get all the challenge details here
Monja Wessel

Monja Wessel

The Groove June 2010 Freebie Challenge
The Groove Newsletter’s challenge this month includes a breathtaking freebie from designer Monja Wessel, known for her beautiful photo-realistic design style. Get all the challenge details here
Michelle McCoy

Michelle McCoy

Michelle McCoy’s “Scrappin’ Challenge 21″
Look for designer Michelle McCoy’s fab weekly challenges throughout the month, beginning with Scrappin’ Challenge 21. Design a layout that follows Michelle’s instructions and makes use of her color swatch, and you’ll get a free kit designed by Michelle (seriously!!). Look for more Scrappin’ Challenges each week throughout the month – and get all the details about this week’s challenge here