The Groove June 2008

Fiona Storey - sandals and toes layout 

(Above) A fun and creative summer layout featuring “sandals and toes”, by Fiona Storey

We love how laying out a series of photos from the same “event” makes a statement – why not try it yourself!

In The Groove

Summertime is knocking at the door! And though the living may not always be completely “easy” (as the tune goes), we hope that you find a moment or two to relax and enjoy The Groove!

In this laidback issue, we put the focus on everyone’s favorite – layouts by members of our Scrapbook MAX! Online Community. We were so inspired by the contributions to our call for summer layouts, that we decided to feature one stellar layout from each contributor!

So pour yourself a cold glass of lemonade, put on the shades, and dream of all the summertime layouts you’ll be inspired to scrap after reading The Groove!

 ”Beach Baby”

We love how these three beach layouts make you feel like you’re swimming! Setting photos right into a watery background is a super cool idea. Try it out with your own beach day photos – Thanks to pkdoll, sacannon, and Oceania for sharing!

pkdoll - Beach Layout - Kit: Undadasea by Kim Broedeletsacannon - Fun in the Sun LayoutOceania - Beach Fun Layout

Scrapper Profile

*eng* portrait

The amazing *eng*!|

Meet *eng*, who’s warm and friendly personality is well-known to us all in the Scrapbook MAX! Online Community. Get to know her better, and check out her gorgeous layouts!

Q- If you were an animal, what would you be? Why?

A – A dog… why? Because they are so loyal and their love is unconditional.

Q – How long have you been digital scrapbooking and what got you started? 

A- I began digi scrapbooking when google found Scrapbook MAX! very soon after it was launched on the www. It saved me a fortune as I gave up paper scrapping and such a space saver!

Q- What are your non-scrapbooking hobbies?

A- I used to do anything and everything craft related but now I have disciplined myself. Photography, I now have a DSLR, (digital single lens reflex) I’m hooked on genealogy now, inspired by Sue Cannons lay outs and  finally my lappy (laptop). I am no expert and am self taught but love messing about making posters for noticeboards etc.

Q – Tell us about your family.

A- My husband Micky and I have been together for 28 years, he works for Housing within our local council. I have 3 children, Jonathan is 24, at uni doing film production, he moves into a flat in July but he says he’ll still bring his washing home! James is 22 on May 28th , Amy is 18 next month and is hoping to do Film and Media in September. She loves photography and goes to all the film premieres, concerts and sign ins getting there hours before to get the best pitch!  Oh and of course there’s Jasper our human Jack Russell !

Q – There’s a blank screen in front of you. How do you begin your layout?                    

A- Inspiration used to just happen, I just used to get an idea and  off I’d go. However in 2001 I was seriously ill and am so lucky to be able to say that.  My memory was badly affected and seems to have affected my creative side which I find frustrating as art and craft was my ‘speciality’ from a young age. So, a blank screen often faces a blank mind. Now I tend to pick something and build on it, wheras I used to have an idea and hardly be able to keep up with myself!

Q- Tell us about one layout that you are particularly proud of and why?                        

A- The one I have just completed about my great -great grandfather. I can’t emphasise how emotional the journey is discovering those who went before you and the thrill of tracing them which is so time consuming but it is so worth it.

Q- What is the best part about using Scrapbook MAX!?

A- Well the software is the best on the web, so user friendly, especially for numpty’s like me! I was lucky I found it soon after its launch and I’ve never looked for anything else. The forum is just full of people who have developed strong friendships through SBM and these are so well established they will be forever. Several have met in person and Eye and Smile are coming over to England to see me in a couple of years and I can’t wait!

Q – Describe your favorite time of year.

A- Spring  – I love the lighter mornings and evenings, the blossom on the trees, the chirruping of the birds as they feed their young, all the baby animals and the feeling of wanting to ‘get on and do!’.

Check out some of *eng*’s favorite layouts below:


  eng - Jane Maree layouteng - Nellie and Mabs Layout

eng -Welcome Little Sister layouteng - My Great-Great-Grandfather Layout

Mother Nature’s Colors

These two layouts caught our eye for taking their cue from “Mother Nature”. Notice how in each layout, the tones of the sand and water are echoed in by the embellishments, backgrounds and papers chosen. Thank you Wendy Gibson and LSignal – Just stunning!


Wendy Gibson - Punta Cana LayoutLSignal - Avila Beach Layout   

And, To The Contrary

These two layouts show you how to do just the opposite, in perfect style! When you have a photo with neutral tones, you can make an artistic statement by choosing elements in bright, bold, colors for dramatic contrast. Love the results by Michelle McCoy and twclerk!

 Michelle McCoy -Beachside Layouttwclerk - Kayaking Salt Fork


 The Monthly Freebie Challenge!

Get in on the fun of our Monthly Freebie Challenge! Here’s how it works:

The “Freebie” Part!

Deanne Gow-Smith has generously supplied a freebie mini-kit to all our Groove readers based on her lovely full kit called Victorian Series Charlemaine. Find it in our Challenges and Contests Forum, download it, and use it to get in on the challenge!

The “Challenge” Part!

Deanne has issued this challenge based on her freebie mini-kit:

Use the freebie mini-kit to create a layout. Add to this layout two papers or embellishments from a different source (i.e., not from this kit), but who’s colors cooordinate with your page. Post your layout in a reply to the  Monthly Freebie Challenge thread (June 2008).


PLUS – three lucky, random challenge participants will get an official Scrapbook MAX! mousepad.


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Deanne Gow-Smith – Victorian Series Charlemaine KIT


 Deanne Gow-Smith  - Patricia Rose Template - Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store 

Deanne Gow-Smith – Patricia Rose Template


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Deanne Gow-Smith – Lovey Dove Template


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Wendy Gibson – Colorful You Template


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Summer Sunset

We saved this breathtaking layout by Fern Byrd for last, featuring an amazing sunset. The perfect ending for a great summer day, and the perfect ending to this issue of The Groove.  Happy Summer!

 Fern Byrd - Myrtle Beach Layout


Be sure to check out next month’s issue, coming July 1, 2008!