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 layout by Winnie49

In the Groove

In February, our thoughts turn to love with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. And while we decided not to go with an all-out Valentine’s theme this year, we couldn’t resist starting our issue off with a romantic layout! Thanks, Winnie49 for a beautiful layout that has us all seeing hearts and roses!

What we have chosen to celebrate this month are The Four Seasons! While many of us may be huddled up escaping the deep freeze, our far-flung Groove-y Scrapbook MAX! community is experiencing various seasons, from sub-zero, to mild, to hot, hot, hot! In a tribute to the seasons, will be looking for seasonal layouts that capture the magic of white snow, crunchy autumn leaves, the first tulips of spring, and the dog days of summer – you get the “picture”!

Look for more contest details below, as well as a gorgeous freebie from our “very own” Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store Designer, Diana Carmichael. Sit back, enjoy, and get in the Groove!

Seasonal Sensations

Though we’ve just announced our Four Seasons contest, Groove-y readers are no strangers to making layouts that bring out the best of the season, whatever that may be!

We love how the color and texture choices in these layouts celebrate the season they focus upon. Notice the icy blue text chosen for this winterscape, and the cutout shape that makes you think of paper snowflakes (so “cool”!). The dark, rich greens used in this summer layout make you think of the outdoors in its prime – the grass, the trees all in the fullness and vibrancy of life. Get inspired!


layouts by Wickel and Sue C.

Digital Scrapbooking Tips

Groovy Tip #1 – Some like using the menu commands, and other like the “icons” for selecting various design features (and some use both!). Remember that you can customize the toolbars in Scrapbook MAX! and create the design space that suits your methods. Just go to View > Toolbars, and hide or add toolbars in the design space.

Groovy Tip #2 – When you add journal text, remember that you have control over the style, alignment, and size in the Journal Text Properties.

Scrapper Profile



Tina Sudweeks


Get to know Tina Sudweeks (a.k.a.Manatee25)! This talented photographer, designer, and mom is a great addition to our Scrapbook MAX! “forum family”. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Tina…

Q- Tell us one thing about yourself that others are often surprised to learn.
A- That my sister and I have just found my father after 25 years and have a wonderful relationship with him as well as his ex-wife (our ex-step mother) and their 5 children! What a wild and crazy year it has been finding them! everything is so comfortable that we feel like we have been a family forever!  Even my mother who raised us by herself has a relationship with our ‘half family’!
Q- What made you interested in digital scrapbooking?
A- My kids are always saying or doing the cutest things. I wanted a way to remember all the cute stuff and also a keep a record of when they did things, such as first tooth, or what age they walked at, etc.  Since I am a photographer I have HUNDREDS of pictures of the kids too. I didn’t want to keep a regular baby book for them since I figured it would just get forgotten on the shelf.  So I though digital scrapping might be a good alternative. Lo and behold… IT WAS!
Q- Where do you get your layout ideas?
A- A lot of my layouts just kind of evolve themselves. I like to open my picture or pictures first thing on my page then I let them tell me what the page should look like. I position them depending on what I want to stand out most and how many photos I have then add papers and embellishments from there. It’s really a quite random creative process!! Sometimes I will see a page in the forums or a magazine that I just love and I will use that layout as a starting place.  I like to see other peoples’ creative ideas and then interpret them into my own layouts. 
Q- Tell us about your favorite feature of Scrapbook MAX!.
A- Probably just how easy it is to work with. I love how fast I can do a page by adding elements and re-sizing them, changing them, and just having fun.  EASY EASY EASY!!!!! That is what I love most about Scrapbook MAX!
Q- What tip would you share with a newbie to Scrapbook MAX!?
A- Get involved in the forums!!!! There is so much you can learn on the forum!  I have also formed so many wonderful friendships on the forum! That is more valuable to me than all my time spent working in the program!  Everyone on the forum has something to offer and I learn from each and every one! My style has grown and evolved just by being part of the forum and watching the gallery!
Q- What is the subject of the scrapbook that you are working on right now?
A- I am just about to start a mini book about my ‘Free Piano’! I inherited a baby grand piano from my father who found it on the side of the road in San Fransisco with a ‘free’ sign on it. He snatched it up then couldn’t find room for it and has been storing it for about a year now.  When he found out I was in the market for a piano he was more than thrilled to give it to me. The joke is that it is ‘The Free Piano, with associated costs’ since my father ripped his truck up getting it from San Fransisco to Utah… plus the cost of gas… none of which he will accept any compensation for.  Then my husband and I have to put some money and time into it to get it playable.  So the ‘free piano’ really isn’t very free, but the sentimental value is priceless!
Q- How would you describe your scrapbooking style?
A- Eclectic! LOL.  I love to do bits and pieces of everything!  I love snatching ideas up off the forum and perusing the gallery.  I have done everything from elegant, to simple, to bright and fun. I think overall I like to give my pages a very ‘readable’ layout. Layouts that actually help your eye follow the page easily. I also include a lot of journaling in my pages.  I think of my books more like digital journals than digital scrapbooks.
Q- Heard any good (clean) jokes lately? Please share!
A-’The Free Piano’ that is FAR from being free! That is the joke of the month at my house! LOL

Check out some of Tina’s favorite layouts:



**NEW** Scrapbook MAX! Video Tutorials!

When it comes to learning a new skill, very few things compare to a visual demonstration! That’s why we’ve created a new series of Video Tutorials that show you how to use the variety of features and functions of Scrapbook MAX!.

You’ll find an Overview video to give you feel for Scrappbook MAX! as a complete program. We’ve also made a series of shorter videos that demonstrate doing a particular task, like adding a photo, a paper scrap, or text. Scrapbook MAX! newbies and veterans will enjoy these easy-to-follow videos for their clear presentation, and little tips and tricks shared along the way. Plus, there are more videos in the works, so keep checking in!

Have a look at our **NEW** Video Tutorials page here:

Psst…Is there a video that you think would be useful, for yourself or for someone who is just getting started with Scrapbook MAX!? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or via private messaging in the forums (send a message to The Groove).

The Groove’s Monthly Freebie

Here’s a freebie mini-kit by Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store designer Diana Carmichael that you’re sure to love for its soft, delicate style. Enjoy Diana’s beautiful freebies!

Click here for your freebies!


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Creative Genius



Valentine’s Day Tags from The Groove

Tags and cards are so easy to make with Scrapbook MAX!. We thought that you would enjoy these Valentine’s tags, made entirely from content included in Scrapbook MAX! Classic Edition. (Or, maybe they’ll inspire you to make your own!)

Small cards or tags are especially appropriate at Valentine’s. Use these (or similar ones you make yourself) for your child’s classroom Valentine’s card exchange, or attach a tag to a teddy bear, flowers, or bottle of champagne!

Go to our post in the Scrapbook MAX! Sharing Corner to download this cute set of tags.

Contest: The Four Seasons

What seasonal sensations fill your heart? A bright, sunshiny summer day? The smell of spring after a rain? The turning color of the leaves in autumn? Or the diamond-like glitter of fresh snow? We want to see layouts that celebrate your favorite season! Layouts do not have to feature only landscapes – photos of people and pets are most welcome!

Three winning layouts will be published in the next issue of The Groove: 1st prize is a $20 gift certificate to the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store! 2 runners up will each receive an official Scrapbook MAX! mousepad.

To enter, publish your layout as a JPEG image using the ‘High Quality’ and ‘Web/Email’ options, and upload it to The Four Seasons contest page in the Scrapbook MAX! gallery. All entries will be available for viewing. Contest closes Wednesday, February 27, 2008, 5:00pm (CST). ** Note: You must be a registered member of the Scrapbook MAX! forums to enter this contest. Register for free here!

First Place Winner

in our “Celebrate Good Times” Contest


“Happy Birthday” by spanielmom 

This is just too cute! We have pets with party hats, a beautiful young lady with a great smile, and festive birthday colors and embellishments that make you want to sing a chorus of “Happy Birthday”! Great job, spanielmom – looks like this was a “good time” indeed!

Our Runners-Up! 


TNLori and O2BNgHope gave us inspiring layouts that celebrate some of life’s other milestones – a dazzling wedding, and a special anniversary! The rich colors used in both layouts emphasize the elegance of the occasions. Gorgeous!

Congrats to all participants – it was a pleasure sharing your celebrations!


The “Fruits of the Season” – What a great way to create a tribute to the season: choose it’s signature “fruit”! Johana’s apple-themed layout is a tasty celebration of spring, while the pumpkin patch in Julie’s page have us thinking of pie and Thanksgiving treats!

Your turn – Why not try a layout that centers on something that a season?


layouts by Johana M. and Julie C.


The Groove Wants YOU!

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Next Month in The Groove

The Groove celebrates “Around the House”. Plus, look for February’s “The Four Seasons” contest winners!