Fisher – Service Dog, Loving Friend

More than a helper…a friend.

A good digital scrapbook layout transforms images into stories. A remarkable layout tells a remarkable story.

Above, Donna T. has shared a stunning digital scrapbook layout from a design point of view – a lovely photo serves as a backdrop and theme, photos in miniature pepper the main image with moments to remember, embellishments and frames balance the page with complementary colors and placement, and journal text draw us in to know more about the dear people and special dog at the heart of the page.

Donna has also shared the remarkable story of Fisher and her son John in writing. As The Groove’s January “Pets” Layout Contest comes to a close, we wanted to make sure you all had a chance to read Donna’s inspiring story about a service dog who’s work, life and love made him much more than a helper, but the truest kind of friend. We invite you to read Donna’s incredible story below.

Fisher is John’s Canine Companion for Independence. What a difference Fisher made to all of our lives! Fisher was a working dog when we took John out to the store and out to play. Educating people to not pet Fisher when he was working or to fuss at us for having a “dog” in the store was always a challenge, but we broke ground for others to have less resistance.

The nightmares I could tell you of John running out into streets. How John would take off and how we’d find him in strangers cars in the parking lot… before Fisher came along. The harness kept John from being unannounced with his departures.

John couldn’t speak, but wanted to say the commands to get Fisher to work. John was alone in his world, but had to come out of it to care for his dog.

Now, Fisher is officially our pet. He’s not allowed to wear his vest anymore. He loves to go out in the car, but can’t go into stores. He sleeps next to John, but has a harder time getting up the steps because of his arthritis. Fisher is a great watch dog…but he loves all people!! What a loving, fun dog!

We paid $1,500 out of pocket during training. More costs are involved in training a service dog and providing for vet costs, etc. But our time with Fisher shows that it is well worth the money.

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