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Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration – December 2006

Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store Is Now Open!

After months of making sure it was just right, Scrapbook MAX! has finally opened its Booster Pack Store! Here at The Groove we just want to say…the wait was worth it! You’ll find TONS of highly original digital kits, templates, and embellishments that you can use with Scrapbook MAX! (You can also view new items added to the store in the forums under New Releases). Search by theme or category, or even by your favorite, highly talented Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Designer. You can even sign up to become a Designer yourself!

You’re going to be amazed at the quality and variety of premium content available at the Scrapbook MAX! store- it’s sure to take your digital scrapbooking experience to the next level! We’re so excited to have you browse around that we’re giving you a coupon code for 10% off your order. Simply fill up your virtual shopping cart, and type CHRISTMAS in the field labeled “Coupon Code” before you checkout. How’s that for an incentive? (Hurry – offer ends December 31, 2006!


Check out the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store today!

Digital Scrapbooking Tips

Groovy Tip #1: Slideshow CDs are a great way to share your scrapbook with friends who don’t use email, or who can’t receive large email attachments.

Groovy Tip #2: Align your objects precisely with the Align toolbar. Go to View > Toolbars, and select Align to use the alignment options.

Scrapper Profile

Meet Bob Halberg a.k.a. poppabob. We know Bob for his beautiful work (which often highlights nature settings) and his helpful advice on the Scrapbook MAX! forums. Learn a little more about this very talented “poppa”!

Q- If you were an animal, what would you be? Why?
A- A bear. I think it would be cool to be able to sleep all winter!

Q- How long have you been digital scrapbooking and what got you started?
A- I’ve been digi-scrapping about 3 months or so. It started with a desire to put together a book for my grand-daughters so when they graduate they would have all these memories of when they were younger. I never realized at the start how much fun this hobby was going to be!

Q- What are your non-scrapbooking hobbies?
A- Almost anything to do with computers. I’m a geek. A very large geek. I also like to read and I play the guitar when no one is around.

Q- Tell us about your family.
A- I have the two most wonderful parents anyone could hope to have. I have a wonderful wife with a great sense of humor and who is very supportive of all my “hobbies”. I have 4 children that I can be proud of and 2 grand-daughters that have taught me how to be young again. My sister is a very talented paper scrapper. I bought her a copy of SBM and she just loves it too!

Q- Tell us about one layout that you are particularly proud of and why.
A- I really like the “Sunrise” layout in my gallery. It’s one of my favorite photos and encapsulates how I feel about Mother Nature.

Q- What is the best part about using Scrapbook MAX!?
A - Scrapbook MAX! makes it so easy to try different things and experiment. It’s just plain simple to use without sacrificing features! It allows you to explore the creative aspect of a layout without getting mired down in all the technical details. That and the wonderful, caring and sharing community that came with the program.

Check out some of Bob’s favorite Layouts!

Click on Sunrise, Many Faces, and Home to view larger images.

Interested in being one of The Groove’s profiled scrappers? Write to us at [email protected] for details.

Creative Genius

Holiday Spirit!

Want to celebrate the “true meaning” of Christmas? Why not collect funny and special pictures of your friends and family, and make them each a digital scrapbook that describes memorable experiences together! This scrapbook would also be a great place to tell a special person what you love and admire most about them. Isn’t that what the season is all about?

As always, share via print, email, or CD – a great way to keep in touch during the holidays!

Click here to view larger image

Contest: “Happy Holidays”

The holidays are fast approaching. It’s time once again to decorate, to sing, to eat, to gather with friends and family, and to hope for peace in the world. This month, we are looking for layouts that capture the spirit of the season, past or present. The winning layout will be published in the next issue of The Groove and the winner will receive a groovy prize!

To enter, publish your layout as a JPEG image using the ‘High Quality’ and ‘Web/Email’ options, and upload it to the contest page in the Scrapbook MAX! gallery. All entries will be available for viewing. Contest closes January 1, 2007, Midnight (CST) –the extended deadline means you can use this year’s holiday pics! **Note: You must be a registered member of the Scrapbook MAX! forums to enter this contest. To register for free, click here.

“Thanksgiving” Contest Winner

Click here to view larger image

Congratulations to our “Thanksgiving” contest winner: Nicole N. from Wabasso, MN. This layout perfectly captured the feeling of the fall season and the spirit of thankfulness. We loved the color combinations, clean design, and originality. Marvelous!

EVERYONE outdid themselves this month. The entries were gorgeous and straight from the heart. We’re looking forward to seeing your layouts for next month’s contest (see above for details)!


Pin it down! Add buttons, rivets, and brads to the corners of your pictures or paper scraps to create a “pinned down” look. These embellishments really add to the 3D feel of your digital scrapbook. (A special thanks to Julie C. and Carol D. for supplying these great layouts!)

Click on “First Haircut” and “Jett” to view larger images.

Embellishment Backdrop! Choose your favorite embellishment. Add a blurred effect then make it almost transparent. This blurred figure is now an interesting backdrop image for your page. Make several duplicates and scatter them across your page for a “wallpapered” look.

Click on “Christmas 2005”, “Girl’s Best Friend” and “Graduation” to view larger images.

The Groove Wants You!

Have a Lois Lane complex? Put it to use by contributing to The Groove! We’re always looking for fresh ideas to make The Groove fun and exciting – just like our readers! Tips, musings, inspirations, ingenious scrapbook ideas – if you’ve got ‘em, we’d love to read ‘em! Email The Groove your bright ideas today! Contact us at [email protected].

Next Month in The Groove:

The Groove celebrates Pets! Plus – look for December’s “Happy Holidays” contest winner!